Lightbeam Findings

Above are my findings using the lightbeam web surfing tracking add-on for firefox during a 20 minute span of time. I find it interesting that I only visited 3 different websites but connected to over 100 others just via backlinks. So based off of my surfing for that 20 minutes I could have clicked all … Continue reading


Frontend is always what the outside or exterior looks like and what users or consumers interact with and are able to see on their own (basically what is made public). Examples of frontend could be a website, interface, mobile app, or even a vehicle HUD. Backend is what is happening in the code, databases, etc. … Continue reading

Tutorial 2: My Experience with RSS Feeds

What do you get when you search up the definition of RSS? Here is what google gives us: RSS (Rich Site Summary; originally RDF Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication), uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video. – Google RSS feeds are … Continue reading

Documentation for Twitch-A-Sketch

Andrew Imecs, Dylan Didiano, Raymond Chen, Raphael Angoluan, Tyler Palef Artist’s Statement We are inspired by generative art, especially in the scope of a large computer network. The premise of the Twitch-A-Sketch is capturing the already difficult single player task of drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch and translating that experience to the online sphere using a … Continue reading

Process Blog – MPM 503

  The D.A.R.T. car was named after the art pieces Dylan, Andrew, Raymond and Tyler. It was also titled D.A.R.T. as code for D “The” Art, car. It is a remote controlled car that is given directions from a crowd watching live on a web stream. This piece is generative because it is a digital … Continue reading

Assignment – Data Material MPM 505

This project was completed by Dylan Didiano(Section 1) and Andrew Imecs(Section 2)   Link to our javascript-based web app: (The song that will play on our web app using the link ab0ve was chosen by us to show a good example of how our visualization works with the sound) *Note: Some Soundcloud links will not … Continue reading

Data Portrait Assignment MPM 505

I’ve taken this data portrait assignment and decided to challenge the definition of what a portrait might be. I decided to use one of my selfie’s from Max Dean’s course and create an Audio Portrait using the data found in the photo’s pixels. The photo is pictured below: Just an average selfie of me in … Continue reading