Tutorial 1: Quick Tips for Social Media Newbies

Social Media has become a huge part of the online world in the past few years, however, even to this day there are people out there who have no idea what it is or how to use it. Here are some quick tips meant for absolute beginners when they are getting started using social media.

  1. Take It Slow – Don’t go rushing into every single social media platform there is. Maybe a best practice would be to start with just one or two and learn how they work before branching off into others. A couple platforms that would be easiest to begin would be Twitter and Facebook. Both can be used for personal or professional use and both have generally easy ecosystems to learn for newbies.
  2. Watch What You Post – Keep in mind that anything you post publicly online, even if deleted, can still come back to bite you in the butt later on. Other users can screenshot your posts or photos and save them locally so you should be sure to watch what you post and make sure that everything you share online is only what you are okay with sharing with anybody. This is also very important because future employers may research your online footprint, including your social media accounts.
  3. Learn To Use Privacy Settings – Most social networks have privacy settings built-in. Make sure you learn to use these when posting. If you want to share something with just one person, consider just sending it in a private message or direct message. If you only want your friends to see what you are posting, then tick that tab that says “Friends Only” rather than keeping the share settings on “Public”. Learning how to use these features on social media will go a long way in helping keep your online footprint clean and professional.
  4. Don’t Get Attached – Social media has a very addictive nature. Naturally people tend to get distracted by it so much that they forget about the world that exists right in front of their eyes. The real world is still there, don’t forget that. Use social media as much as you wish, just make sure that it’s not all you’re doing. Remember that there are real people and places if you take your eyes off your device screen and look around.

The above was a very brief introduction to social media for newbies. Hopefully it will help those who are just getting started with social media.


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