Process Blog – MPM 503


car drawing

The D.A.R.T. car was named after the art pieces Dylan, Andrew, Raymond and Tyler. It was also titled D.A.R.T. as code for D “The” Art, car. It is a remote controlled car that is given directions from a crowd watching live on a web stream. This piece is generative because it is a digital network installation, whereas many people can follow the set of perimeters we set and create an art piece.

Keep in mind that our main goal was to somehow incorporate Twitch and its API into our project.

We got some feedback from our peers who gave us some strong points and also weaknesses.


– What if the controller (person online) wants it to move but not draw? Not constant
– What if nobody logs on?
– Who is the car going to listen to if multiple people send commands at once>

– Cool concept/Experience for user
– Visually Entertaining
– Strong set up of car and canvas

Further brainstorming. We ran into trouble with our RC car. The wheels could not move in accordance with the inputs.

circuit sketch

We pivoted our concept to include a globe that’s light would change colour using LEDs. Furthermore, we liked the idea of creating a multi perspective Etch-a-Sketch.

globe idea

This was a diagram that showed our premise and display the progress of our D.A.R.T car idea. We truly believed in this concept, unfortunately it simply was not doable in the time we had. We hope to revisit it, but we will borrow some of the concepts from this diagram for our Etch-A-Sketch program. Some elements we are taking include the camera feed, Twitch stream and community interaction.

original idea



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