Show and Tell: Character

Yi Sung is on his way home, late once again for his family dinner. He had promised his wife that he would bring home some fresh meat from the market, but sadly his boss held him for an hour at work again and he decided it would benefit his family if he stayed for the overtime. Mr. Sung would love to retire soon as he is close to reaching the required age, however, his financial situation does not allow for that. He will have to keep working his 9-5 minimum wage job and he might even get laid off and have to apply for welfare just to keep his family afloat. His only hope right now lies in his pocket once a week. Yi Sung plays the Lotto Max every week, praying to win some well deserved money. It’s a hard life for him, but his love and care for his family’s well-being is enough motivation to keep him working hard everyday.


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