Assignment 1

After reading and analyzing Limor Shifman’s article “An anatomy of a YouTube meme”, I have learned that there can be more to making a viral video than just putting some funny subtitles over a film scene. In his article, Shifman analyzes a list of successful YouTube memetic videos and comes up with six common characteristics that most of the sampled videos share. The common features that existed within most of the videos that were sampled are the following: Ordinary People, Flawed Masculinity, Humor, Simplicity, Repetitiveness, and Whimsical Content. I also learned that anyone with basic editing skills is able to take an already popular video, tinker with it, and create a totally new video that has the potential to become even more viral than the original. This is something that relates very closely to the popular quote “Good artists borrow, Great artists steal.”

My presentation can be found here:

The video linked in the presentation:


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