Group Skills

Group work can be my favourite thing in the world, but it can also be the worst thing ever. Depending on the group members, the assignment, and the time frame. One of the great things about group work is the ability to attain multiple opinions and ideas and incorporate them into one. It allows for non-biased outcomes and different perspectives on the given topic. In order for this to work however, everyone in the group must make an effort to contribute their ideas. This tends to be one of my weaknesses. I usually just go along with what other group members seem to think will work and I don’t often contribute my own theories or ideas. This is mainly because I tend to be soft-spoken and nobody really hears me. Other than that, it could just be that I can’t find the words to explain my ideas, thus I keep them to myself. One thing I am actually very good at is listening. Some people just don’t have the ability to listen to other people and consider their thoughts. They seem to think that what they say is absolutely correct and everybody else is wrong. My ability to listen to people allows me to step into the sharer’s perspective and see things they way they see them. Sure, not everyones idea is good, but everyones idea deserves to be listened to and considered. Hopefully I can improve on sharing my own ideas during group work and I can continue to listen carefully to other people’s insights.


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